House Cleaning Done Right...
When residential cleaning is done right it is hard, detailed work. We approach every home with laser like focus and clean from "top to bottom and left to right" with plenty of elbow grease so that nothing is overlooked. We primarily use "Microfiber Technology" as this has been found to be the most efficient way to clean and is the method preferred by hospitals. It is also the best way to clean while utilizing the minimal amount of chemical cleaners. 

We also have a few pretty good tricks up our sleeves for stubborn areas. For example did you know that a dryer sheet can clean hard water scum from your shower doors? Or that running a dryer sheet along your clean base boards will help them repel dust and stay cleaner longer? And we are always striving to learn more about the best ways to keep a home clean and healthy. 

Check out our Pricing Page for additional information about our Services and what we can do to make your home spotless. 

Kid and Pet Friendly Cleaning...
Everyone at Rosemary's Cleaning Service is a pet owner and or parent themselves so we understand how important it is to have kid and pet friendly options when it comes to cleaning our homes. We can provide on request completely natural cleaning supplies or we'll be happy to use yours if you prefer. We want all the little ones, two or four legged, to be happy, comfortable and healthy. We also want your canine kids to be comfortable with us so we take a few moments to introduce ourselves and (with owners permission) we'll even give treats!
We can also help with pet clean up. We can provide services such as:
  • Small animal cage cleaning (rabbits, hampsters, small reptiles)*
  • Dog/puppy crate clean up*
  • Bird cage cleaning*
  • Litter Box Cleaning*

*Customer must supply all animal material, bedding, litter, food etc. 
One Time Cleaning...
Has it been a while since you were able to clean the fridge or have dust bunnies under the bed? Is your mother-in-law coming to stay for a few weeks and you need everything cleaned at once?

We offer occassional, one-time and deep cleaning services for:

  • Pre/Post Event or party cleaning
  • Pre/Post Moving or Relocation cleaning
  • Rental turn around cleaning
  • Pre/Post Company cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Part time residents house opening/closing cleaning
Check out our Pricing Page for additional information about our Services and what we can do to make your home spotless.